Watch for this Foxy Wizard from Diablo III


Diablo is a well-known hack and slash video game series developed by Blizzard. There are several classes to choose from when beginning your game. One of the most loved classes is the Wizard class introduced in Diablo III. They are wielders of magic and have immense potential moving forward in the Diablo series!


Different from Diablo I and Diablo II’s sorcerer classes, Wizards are able to use Arcane Power rather than mana. This opens up a new potential for these spellcasters that differentiates them from the sorcerers. They do not limit themselves with the caution that sorcerers tread, but instead embrace the seemingly unlimited potential of magic and unleash it as their own artillery and fortitude.


The beautiful Foxtail cosplay steps out and struts her stuff in this stunning Wizard cosplay. This cosplay is based off of the widely popular concept art by Victor Lee. Foxtail has been cosplaying since 2008 and has earned several awards for her wonderful work!



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