We’re Speechless About This Tallulah Cosplay from Meet the Robinsons


Meet the Robinsons follows a young boy and brilliant inventor named Lewis. An orphan, Lewis strives to find his mother, but ends up meeting the family he never knew. This animated kid’s film is a brilliant time-traveling adventure with an futuristic and wacky cast.


Tallulah is a member of the Robinson family, and future wacky cousin of Lewis. Her costume is a brilliant mix of gravity defying and peculiar! Challenge accepted for KateSonic!


This cosplay is truly spot on with Tallulah’s character and makes us marvel at its epic construction. The spunky skirt and fantastic building headpiece really bring this cosplay to a whole new level. KateSonic’s wonderful skills, dazzling beauty, and some brilliant photography really make us feel we’re looking at a cosplay from the future!

 Photography by Pugoffka