We’ve Been Caught in the Web of this Amazing Spider-Woman Cosplay


Spider-Woman is a character from the Marvel comic universe. After suffering from a fatal poisoning, her father injected her with an untested spider serum he’d been working on. She awoke as Spider-Woman with bio-electric venom blast powers, capable of stunning or killing foes. The serum also gave her immunity from poisons and toxins and she can adhere to surfaces like a true spider.

spider-woman-cosplay-2Photography by Geri Kramer

Marvel has enjoyed a lot of success lately with bringing comic book characters to the mainstream movie and television universe. With so much back-story available for all their characters, it will be intriguing to see what they do next. It is wonderful to see such talented cosplayers portraying their favorite characters, and we hope to see more of these lesser known characters.

spider-woman-cosplay-3Photography by F.J.

Jessica LG is completely spot-on with her cosplay of Spider-Woman. The costume is made beautifully and she brings such life and passion to the character. You can always tell if a cosplayer has real knowledge of the character they’re portraying, and Jessica LG is a prime example.




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