We’ve Got a Toxic Love for this Poison Ivy Cosplay!


A stunning example of the power of nature, Poison Ivy is a deadly and beautiful villain in the Detective Comics universe. The ability to control plants, her fantastic use of poisons, and her alluring appeal make her a dangerous adversary to Batman.


Once a botanist named Pamela Isley, an accident in the laboratory involving deadly bio-toxins morphed her into Poison Ivy. Known as an eco-terrorist, Poison Ivy treats plants as her children and lashes out against all those who would hurt them.


I am always amazed to see a cosplayer’s new take on a character that everyone knows. To see that character in a whole new light, or in fantastic and realistic detail, is what makes cosplay truly amazing. Nikita’s cosplay of Poison Ivy is absolutely spectacular. Her attention to detail, the dazzling colors, and her alluring beauty portray Poison Ivy spectacularly.



Photography by Nicholas Meunier


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