Syfy's Heroes of Cosplay: Extended First Look

What You Could Learn From ‘Heroes of Cosplay’

Cosplayers often come under fire for their ‘realness’ or even the legitimacy of how their costumes are created. Much of this controversy also revolves around the SyFy original series “Heroes of Cosplay”, a television show revolving around a few elite cosplayers, with comments doubting it’s truth to the reality of cosplay. Many believe it glorifies the art form, making it seem shallow.

However, I have been blessed to have watched the series before seeing these comments. Through fresh eyes I can honestly say that although there seems to clearly be an added amount of drama between cosplayers and issues with costumes “right before judging”, HOC arguably creates a common sense of community, and a greater sense of motivation for aspiring cosplayers.

While watching episode after episode I noticed that many cosplayers knew each other, and veteran cosplayers weren’t abrasive towards newbies. They interacted among themselves and although there is occasional drama, the comroderie far outweighs that, as they are frequently seen helping one another, may it be a costume-killing dead battery or borrowing a tube of super glue. I rarely see a “too bad for you” attitude.

Yes, Heroes of Cosplay tends to show “the best of the best”, but where’s the fun in competition if you don’t aim for the top? It’s an example to strive towards, and much of the time the stars explain how exactly they made a costume. They use advanced, lengthy techniques to complete their costumes that I, as someone interested in cosplaying, am interested in learning about and mastering. They don’t keep anything secret, if they happen to receive help they will show you how and why, usually touting a few celebrity cameos. If anything, it shows that even the greatest can falter at times, being a victim of their own ambition.

In addition to these difficult skills, HOC importantly conveys that costumes can often be expensive and time consuming. Even though HOC is crunched into a bite sized one hour block, the stars will often confess they spent weeks on a costume. It’s refreshing to see these individuals pour their blood, sweat and tears into creating something beautiful, and I cannot personally fault someone for that. Seeing them delight in their successes is satisfying, especially after the sheer amount of stress they endure making these detailed costumes.

Don’t get me wrong though, the show certainly has it’s flaws, it lacks a major sense of direction which is paramount to any shows success and a certain cosplayer grinds on my nerves. However, what we can learn from HOC is that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and isn’t that what cosplay is really all about?





Written by Guest Contributor: Erica