WildStar’s Latest Update Adds Free-To-Play And More

A few months ago, Carbine Studios announced that their latest MMO, Wildstar, would be going free-to-play via an update to the game. Today, more info about that update has been revealed, and according to Mike Donatelli, product director at Carbine Studios, the update not only makes WildStar free-to-play, but completely overhauls key aspects of the game.“WildStar going free-to-play is so much more than a new business model”, Donatelli said in a statement. “We’re also introducing a massive game update full of new features and quality of life improvements. It’s going to be a fun environment for new players to join, and we’re also going to do right by the players who have been with us since the beginning.”

So what are these updates to the game that Donatelli mentions? For starters, the developer is introducing a new rewards program that will enable players to earn points, which will reward them special gear based on how high they rise up the ranks. These points are retroactive, so anyone who had a paid subscription will have their subscription converted into points. When it comes to the game itself, new areas are being added, and items and stats have been completely overhauled, with primary stats like brutality and finesse being replaced with four new primary stats. In addition, when new players boot up the game, they’ll be able to choose a tutorial video that shows them how to play based on their play styles. Finally, the story itself will be getting a complete overhaul as well, and a new Community Feature will be added.

The update goes live this fall.