Wonder Woman Gets Powerfully Beautiful Cosplay


Wonder Woman is easily one of the most popularly cosplayed characters around.  She is a symbol of justice and badassery, so of course– who wouldn’t want to cosplay as the Amazonian beauty?  However, thanks to the ever-growing popularity of figurines that appeal to every inch of nerdom in our bodies, we are able to see new cosplay renditions of popular characters.  Such is the case in this epic Wonder Woman cosplay created by Chubear that is not based off of any DC Comics version of Wonder Woman, but rather a Square Enix and Play Arts-made figurine!

wonder-woman-cosplay-2Photography by Saffels; Supergirl by Stella Chuu

Chubear nailed every inch of this cosplay.  Not only is her costume completely accurate to the source material, but she full evokes the essence of Wonder Woman, posing as a symbol of bravery and honor for all of the cosplay community.  We can’t get enough of this cosplay, and can’t wait to see what this absurdly talented cosplayer has up her sleeves in the future.

wonder-woman-cosplay-3Photography by Mineralblu