Wonderful Aela the Huntress Cosplay is Ready to Slay Beasts

While Skyrim released a few years ago, love for game is unceasing.  It contains a large, sprawling world filled with various towns to explore, beasts to slaughter, and dungeons to excavate. It is an RPG that is highly addictive, with many gamers pouring hundreds of hours into completing every quest and task the game has to offer.


In Skyrim, players are also able to have a Companion.  One of those Companions is Aela the Huntress, a fierce, beautiful, and intelligent warrior who is surely a great aid in battle.  She is the most popularly cosplayed character from the Skyrim universe, and cosplayer Dragunova Cosplay has made an incredible version herself.  She looks brutal yet beautiful, just like Aela the Huntress herself.  Wonderful!

Photography by Joyce Photographies