World of Warcraft Cosplayers Bring Flair to their Engagement Photos

For many people, an engagement is the most exciting life moment and one that they will remember forever.  Therefore, it would only make sense to combine this most exciting moment with your favorite game of all time to create amazingly unique engagement photos that not only showcase your happy day, but flaunt your nerdy side to add a bit of fun and unconventionality.  Two recently-engaged World of Warcraft fans did exactly that as the groom, Craig, decided to cosplay as King Varian Wrynn and the bride, Zoe, as Tyrande Whisperwind for their engagement photos.

Equiping heavy armor in a fashion only suitable for a king, Craig evokes the essence of King Wrynn in a way that proves he is strong, brave, and ready to defend his beautiful wife at all costs.  Partnering with Sosi Studios, they created these amazing photos with a backdrop that is a perfect setting to put the cherry on top of these amazing World of Warcraft cosplays and celebrate their big day.










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Source: Kotaku