An X-23 Cosplay Ready to Slash Through Foes

When people hear Wolverine, most automatically assume that you’re talking about the male version of the character, most notably known in his appearances in numerous comic books as well as the character’s role throughout movies. What some people might not know about the Wolverine is that a strand of his DNA was taken, and used to create a clone – a fierce, female clone. From Wolverine’s damaged genome – reluctantly, came X-23. Her existence is something that was never in the plans, considering the task was to duplicate the original Weapon X. However, when a genome is damaged, making the Y chromosome unsalvageable, innovation must occur and from that sprang the idea to create a female twin.


While Doctor Martin Sutter waved his hand at Doctor Sarah Kinney’s idea – dismissing it quite easily, but after numerous failed attempts to reconstruct another X chromosome Kinney’s plan is finally set in motion, the woman being forced to be surrogate to the unborn child as repercussion to her insubordination. After nine months of Kinney’s every step being watched, she gives birth to X-23. As one might imagine, life for X-23 was not easy, as she was subjected to undergo painful procedures – such as continuous exposure to radiation, forcefully having her claws extracted only to put adamantium on them, and having to be exposed to a “trigger scent” that causes X-23 to do want to do nothing but kill. Despite her becoming an assassin, killing anyone and everyone she’s ordered to, a series of unfortunate events leads X-23, finally named Laura after the events happen, to Charles Xavier, the Wolverine, and the Xavier Institute. Given the opportunity to become clean, and X-23 takes the opportunity given to her in order to change her life.


With a superheroine such as X-23, it’s hard for someone to not want to take on becoming her through way of cosplaying. Loneshadow-wolf took on X-23’s tight leather get up and vicious claws in order to pull off a flawless take on the once was assassin. Not only does loneshadow-wolf show off X-23’s obvious sex appeal, her fierceness – and overall badassery, are shown through the various poses the cosplayer has struck, as well as her facial expressions. Claws extended, loneshadow-wolf is ready to take on any enemy that might come her way, as well as a medal for a job well done.


Photography by Blue Kanji Photography.



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