X-23 Cosplay Slices Through the Competition

Laura Kinney was created in a lab by Sarah Kinney while employed by The Facility. Sarah Kinney was brought on to make a clone of Wolverine using DNA collected from him. Finding the DNA too damaged, she went behind her employers backs and created Laura on the 23rd attempt. As a punishment, Sarah was forced to carry the baby to term. Laura, code name X-23, was trained from a young age in combat in order to be Wolverine’s equal with the intention of killing him. Possessing his abilities and even surpassing him when it came to healing, she has two adamant claws in her hands and one on each foot.


Instead of battling against Wolverine, X-23 ended up joining the X-Men and became somewhat of a daughter figure to him. This is the X-23 that cosplayer Danielle Vedovelli portrays in this epic coaplay. Wearing skin tight black pants and sleeveless crop top, she is ready to rumble. Black belt with the X-Men logo sits around her waist and shining claws are out, ready to strike. Black hair, gloves and a fierce attitude make this X-23 cosplay come alive.


Photography by Eve Zel