X-Men Week: A Blood-Soaked Yet Beautiful X-23 Cosplay!


This week’s cosplay theme has been X-Men, one of our favorite comic book groups.  We have featured amazing cosplayers taking on their favorite X-Men characters such as Mystique, Emma Frost, and Psylocke, and now we bring you the fierce X-23.


X-23 is most notable for being a female version of Wolverine, who is arguably the frontman of the X-Men, especially in the movies.  X-23, similarly to Wolverine, equips sharp razors as claws, ready to slice anybody who comes in her way.  It seems as though someone did, in fact, get in the way of cosplayer MakinaValross, who can be seen drenched in blood in her amazing X-23 cosplay!  This cosplay is an incredible rendition of X-23 and is absolutely worthy of praise.


Photography by Ocean-san


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