X-Men’s Rogue is a Beauty in This Amazing Cosplay

Rogue is known as the untouchable woman — causing pain to who who brush their skin against hers, and while that is one of her more notable abilities there is much more to her than that. As a teen, Rogue didn’t have the best childhood, then being known as Anna Marie. Her parents were free spirited hippies who doted upon their child but after the disappearance of her mother, Anna Marie’s aunt Carrie took over care of her. Unfortunately, Carrie was so distraught over the loss of her sister that she was a very strict guardian causing Rogue to rebel and run away from home.


It wasn’t until a flirtatious encounter with Cody Robbins that Rogue discovered her then dormant mutant power — something she later began to view as a curse. After meeting Mystique, Rogue had found a mother who accepted her as she was but that soon backfired. Mystique took Rogue’s feelings of envy, bitterness, and despair and turned them to anger, making Rogue a perfect recruit for the Brotherhood of Mutants.


Cosplayers have been doing their takes on Rogue for some time now, creating a multiple of variations. Since the character’s arrival in 1981, Rogue has gained quite the fanbase. Of course, there are people who have brought Rogue to life in an adequate fashion… but not all can do such an amazing job as Lua Suicide has. Her version of Rogue is a beautiful one and something about it feels truly real.