XCOM 2 is Coming This Year as a PC Exclusive

It’s finally happening, the sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown is on its way — and it’s been given a simple title. XCOM 2 was announced today by 2K and Firaxis and it will be a PC exclusive. This sequel follows the events of the first time and will take place in a world controlled by aliens — flipping around what gamers were used to in the first installment. This time around the developers wanted to focus their attention on soldier customization and will feature procedurally-generated levels. Both alien and soldier classes can expect to be expanded upon, as well as a “much deeper” level of modding support.

“The feedback from the passionate XCOM community played an important role in the development of XCOM 2, driving us to push the visual, gameplay and replayability boundaries of what a strategy game can be,” said the sequel’s creative director, Jake Solomon.

As it stands, gamers can expect XCOM 2 in November of this year only on PC — at least so far. More details are said to be coming later this month, but for now you can check out some screenshots to hold you over.