Xenoblade Chronicles X Staff Talk Development Process in Iwata Asks

In the latest “Iwata Asks,” Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata sat down with Xenoblade Chronicles general director Tetsuya Takahashi, scriptwriters Yuichiro Takeda and Kazuho Hyodo, Monolith Soft director Koh Kojima, and Genki Yokota from the Software Planning and Development Group to discuss creating worlds and characters, giant mechs known as Skell, and a novel-like story for the Xenoblade sequel.

In the interview, they talk about developing an open world, populating it with characters and giant robots, and the troubles that came with along with creating a world where both unique gameplay perspectives can co-exist. “Personally, I wanted the players to experience a great feeling playing with one of these once they obtain one. For example, I wanted to make the difference so drastic that those enemies that took a while to defeat as humans could be defeated with one blow riding a Skell.” said Kojima when discussing creating the expansive overworld. Check out the full interview over at Nintendo’s site here. Xenoblade Chronicles X is currently available in Japan, and expected for release later this year in North America, Europe, and Australia.