Yaya Han’s Kitana Cosplay is an Epic Kombatant

Kitana has become one of the characters on the Mortal Kombat roster that the game cannot go without.  As Mileena’s good twin, Kitana represents bravery and justice, while Mileena seeks destruction.  She is an incredibly skilled fighter, having trained vigorously against Mileena when they were young girls.  Now, they fight each other to the death in the Mortal Kombat arenas.


The amazing Yaya Han has made an absolutely perfect cosplay of Kitana from Mortal Kombat X.  Her costume is identical to Kitana’s, and she evokes the same powerful, battle-ready aura that Kitana herself wields.  Check out Yaya’s Facebook page for even more incredible cosplays!



Photography by Brian Boling