You Can’t Get Better Than this Stunning Laura Matsuda Cosplay

Whether you actually play Street Fighter or not, there’s a high probability that you’ve heard of it. It’s hard to avoid when the Capcom franchise first surfaced back in 1987. Through the years, the series has reached substantial rates of popularity, new generations and demographics being introduced to it each time a new installment is made. You might love Street Fighter for the fighting, or maybe you love it for its diverse characters. Chances are, if you play, that you’ve gotten hours of entertainment out of it.


In the latest entry to the series, Street Fighter V, Capcom brought forth new fighters for gamers to get attached to. One of the newer fighters introduced was Laura Matsuda, one of three Brazilian fighters in the title and the first new female fighter. Laura is energetic, seeks out thrills, and tends to be free spirited.


These seem to be some of the reasons that cosplayers have taken to donning Laura Matsuda’s outfits, wanting to claim a bit of her carefree spirit for themselves. Vanessa Wedge seems to have really captured Laura’s essence, paying mind to various details of what makes Laura Matsuda, Laura and executing them well. Her work resonates dedication and shows that bringing characters to life really isn’t so tough if you put your mind to it.