You Won’t Be Able to Take Your Eyes off This Sinister Dark Link Cosplay


There’s nothing more appealing that someone who has a little bit of darkness to them – don’t try and deny it. People are always attracted to the bad boy or girl, and in the case of Link that’s no different. While there’s no denying that everyone loves a hero, especially when the hero is none other than a green clad Hyrulian, it’s hard to turn a cold shoulder to Dark Link. Sure, he’s a dark reflection of Link himself – turning every bit of good that Link has into something a bit more sinister to him. It might be obvious to some why Dark Link is such a challenge – often times being one of the final bosses or final boss of optimal challeneges, some might not see the true meaning behind him. It’s believed that Dark Link derives from shadow magic, and it could have been just to get on Link’s nerves but the popular belief is that Dark Link is so difficult to go up against purely for the fact that Link is not only facing his strength and powers but himself. Heavy, right?


Maybe that’s why cosplayers – and people in general, have taken a liking to Dark Link. What he represents most can relate to, or try and avoid. Facing yourself – flaws and all, might not be the most fun concept but it is something that’s raw and real. Now not everyone can execute a perfect Dark Link – seeing as his features parallel Link’s, but cosplayer Jessica Huard sure did a fantastic job. Can you say jaw dropping? From mimicking Link’s floppy hood to the gray tones in her hair and black attire, Jessica has essentially recreated Dark Link for the real world. I don’t know about you, but I’d watch out. You never know when you’ll have to face your demons in the form of this amazing cosplay!


 Photography by O LIV