You Won’t Mind Hallucinations from this Pixie Cosplay


Megan Gwynn kicks butt in fluttering fashion in X-Men. Better known as Pixie for her insect-like wings that endow her with the ability of flight, pixie eyes, and hallucinatory pixie dust, she is a fun member of the X-Men series. After her father dies in a mining accident she leaves, having become fearful of the mine. This led her to enrolling in the Xavier Institute where she becomes a member of the Paragon Training team. When Magik steals a part of her soul, her demeanor becomes darker, reflecting the part of her that is lost to black magic. From this she gains the ability to use magic as well as summon “Souldagger”.


ErinLiona dons Pixie’s X-Men armor gloriously. The black leather bodysuit makes her light pink hair stand out. The yellow armor pieces are well crafted and look as if they can come through a battle unscathed. Her pitch black pixie eyes stare out at you as her iridescnet wings shimmer in the background. She even showcases her ability to summon Souldagger in the photos, a magnificent touch.

Photography by Vadim Bulatov



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