You’ll Be Searching for a Night Light When You Look at This Samara Cosplay!


One of the central characters in the 2002 horror epic directed by Gore Verbinksi, The Ring, is the series main antagonist. Having been pushed down a well as a child by her surrogate mother, Anna Morgan, and dying a week later, a cursed videotape was created to showcase to the rest of the world the misery and grief she had suffered her entire life. In the films, Samara is portrayed as a vengeful ghost and her appearance remains consistent – a young girl of no more than eight years old with long deep brown hair that covers her face. Clad in a short sleeved white dress and black shoes, Samara also bears a ghostly white appearance and also never talks, enhancing her rather disturbing presence.


She is portrayed often as an innocent and attention seeking victim, particularly after her death and the filming of her death tape just so the world can know of her pain and suffering. Samara hardly talks and appears otherworldly and rather unsociable. She is known for spending hours on end standing around and staring at items of interest without moving. Samara wanted the world to know of the pain and suffering she had been put through, designed the videotape to be passed on to other people so they learned of her life. And then, she emerges to kill people after seven days with the assumption that they did not care to help her at all and to emphasize how her life ended.


Traci Hines is an iconic name in the cosplay community and she is commonly known for being, in a nutshell, a real life version of Ariel. Complete with the gorgeous, vibrant red hair! She’s done something different this time and has eschewed her Ariel red hair for a long black wig and her nerd glasses and bold red lips for contact lenses and some pretty scary ghost makeup for a shoot with Ghoul Girls. Traci’s cosplays are always epic and her Samara Morgan cosplay is just one of the many epic cosplays that she’s done.

 Photography by Vampire–Kitten




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