You’ll Gawk at This Ms. Marvel Cosplay

Ms. Marvel — or Carol Danvers as many might know her as, is one of the most iconic Marvel characters out there. Not only is she instantly recognizable, her skin tight leather outfit immediately drawing your attention to her. However, Ms. Marvel is so much more than form fitting clothes. The woman has been in Marvel comics since the 1960s, her powers deriving from a Kree device exploding on her. Said explosion caused her DNA to meld with Captain Marvel’s, giving her superhuman strength, speed, durability, stamina, and a few other things. Danvers essentially became a human-Kree-hybrid and the woman takes full advantage of these powers in order to fight against her foes.


Due to her beauty and strong ability, Ms. Marvel has become a woman to admire, overcoming obstacles in her past that others might not be able to. Despite the hurdles she has faced, Ms. Marvel has taken them in stride and that’s how she’s earned the respect of those around her. Ms. Marvel has even earned the respect of numerous cosplayers, people taking the opportunity to put on Ms. Marvel’s iconic outfit and turn themselves into the fierce woman. With her high popularity, it’s not much of a surprise that one would want to embody her — but some have done a better job than others. Cosplayer K-A-N-A, for example, is one of the cosplayers who has taken Ms. Marvel out of the comic books and turned her into a real, breathing being. She makes you believe that Carol Danvers is standing right in front of you, her energy flowing out from the pictures.


K-A-N-A‘s take on Ms. Marvel is more than just a job well done, her attention to detail — nailing the outfit Danvers wears, just adds that extra something, making this cosplay one of the bests.


Photos by Kai Schlurick