You’ll Love This Epic Jack Skellington Cosplay

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic tale of Jack Skellington, who, although originating from a town obsessed with Halloween, because enraptures by Christmas.  He attempts to show off his new-found love for Christmas to his Halloween-holic fellow citizens, however that is no easy feat.  Nightmare Before Christmas lives in the hearts of many of us who grew up watching this macabre film, and it will forever be a favorite for Disney fans.


Cosplayer Kayla Erin transforms Jack Skellington into a female version in her incredible cosplay.  Maintaining Jack’s usual black and white-striped suit and skeleton face, Kayla has created a cosplay that is truly remarkable and capable of making any Nightmare Before Christmas fan enthralled.  Be sure to give Kayla a Like on Facebook to keep up-to-date on her cosplay work!



Photography by Decade Three Photography