You’ll Marvel at This Beautiful Psylocke Cosplay!


Fans of the Marvel universe will be familiar with the skin-tight purple leotard and stunningly beautiful features belonging to none other than Psylocke. While she may have started out as a mere sidekick to Captain Britain, most know her as one of the quintessential members of the X-Men team. Throughout the years, she’s developed an even larger following due to her being featured in many video games, taking her telekinetic powers outside of the realm of comic books.


Her distinctive and recognizable outfit not only works well for games and comics, but it looks great on a real model, too. Cosplayer Stella Chuu has brought Psylocke to life in this gorgeous, and accurate, cosplay. From her sleek black hair all the way down to her knee-high boots, Stella is simply amazing, and does great justice to the character not just in body, but in spirit. She even has real glowing swords!


She’s one ninja assassin that you definitely want on your side.


Photography by Ron Gejon



Written by Guest Contributor: LadyofRohan

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