You’re Invited to a Cosplay Tea Party with Tiny Tina!

Oh, Tiny Tina. Such an adorable little psychotic explosives fanatic. Embracing the uncanny ability to make things go kaboom!, Tina readily helps the Vault Hunters to destroy their targets and becomes known as “The World’s Deadliest Thirteen-Year-Old”. It seems as though her explosives are the only thing she can rely on, as her parents were murdered by the the horrid bandit Flesh-Stick, incurring a great deal of mental trauma upon an already hormone-filled preteen. Destined to exact revenge upon Flesh-Stick and justice for her late parents, Tiny Tina goes on a murderous rampage, vowing to slay Flesh-Stick and any bandit that gets in her way.

Tiny-Tina-Cosplay-1 (1)

With the newest upcoming Borderlands 2 DLC titled ‘Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep’, Vault Hunters can return to Pandora once again and have a little fun playing Bunkers & Badasses, led by Tiny Tina herself, with veteran Vault Hunters Mordecai, Brick, and Lilith. Visit our article on the upcoming DLC here.  One cosplayer decided to bring Tiny Tina from the virtual world to reality by creating an adorable costume that shows just how cute, and deadly, this little explosives maniac is.  This cosplayer is none other than the beautiful Rarity.  With explosives, bloody knife, psycho mask, and bunny print apron, Rarity perfectly matches the playfulness and lovability of Tiny Tina.

Tiny-Tina-Cosplay-3 (2) (1)


To see more of Rarity’s amazing cosplay work, visit her Facebook page.
Photography by Nude Carbon Studios.