Zatanna Cosplay Simply Wows the Crowd

While it may seem like Zatanna is just a skilled stage magician with an extensive set of tricks, the truth is much more powerful than that. A member of the Homo Magi race, she is a gifted magician and possess a wide array of magical abilities. So vast is her magic that no one knows her limits besides the fact that she cannot raise the dead. One of the strongest magicians in the DC universe, she is also a skilled hand-to-hand combatant. Her immense magical knowledge has led her to being the first person the Justice League goes to when they need information.


Cosplayer Mariedoll is a sexy stage magician in her rendition of Zatanna. Wearing a white button up shirt, black jacket, black bottoms, white gloves, and a white bow tie, she is ready to cast a spell for the audience. Kicking the sex appeal up a notch, fishnets and knee high boots complete the ensemble. Posing as she performs card tricks, her reflection in the mirror has a mind of its own. The photo editing is perfect and really brings the magical aspect of Zatanna to life.


Photography by Lorenzo Chuca