Zero Cosplay is a Beautiful Rose

Rose, who changed her name to Zero after obtaining the power of song, is the main protagonist of Drakengard 3. A gifted Intoner, one who is gifted with the ability to manipulate magic through songs, with superhuman battle skills and expert swordsmanship. The flower blooming in her right eye prolongs her life and has given her a unique body – and the flower continues to grow. She is the eldest and the most powerful of the Intoners. Zero is on a killing spree and relentlessly hunting her sisters – constantly quarreling with her overly serious sister, One.


This cosplay is PERFECT. Kika gives us two photographed versions – one clean and pristine, and one covered with blood and gore. Both versions are absolutely gorgeous in their artful presentation and graceful build. Her detail work on this cosplay is out of this world insane – right down the laces in the shorts being tied the same was as in the concept and reference images. Kika has built something truly beautiful here – and I can’t wait to see both more of Zero and more of her work in general!

Photography by Manuel Moggio Photography